How to see your google contacts on Google Map

You can create online google map and view in the  Google earth,  postal addresses of your friends and otheres saved in  your Google Contacts  , The following steps describe how to do that Go to google Docs and make a copy of in your own Google Docs account. To go to make a copy please click the [...]

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Points to Domain Buying through Google Docs

If you buy a domain through Google Docs, you will get email addresses which are personalized like [email protected] instead of [email protected] and you can setup a website on Google Sites without paying for web hosting. The domain will securely and privately register. No one can see your contact details in the public WHOIS database. There [...]

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Microsoft Has Recreated New Corporate Logo

      The renowned software company Microsoft has recently unveiled a new corporate logo for Windows 8 with four coloured squares.Where four colored squares represent Windows, Office, Xbox and Windows Phone family of products. Vasiliy Zubach web developer has created a web version of the Windows 8 logo.but Mansour shows how to recreate the [...]

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How to Block Unwanted Sites appearing in your Google Search Results

Google is performing better to identify and remove spam websites from Google search results pages. But sometimes useless sites passing through the Google filters. How you block these sites from appearing in your Google search results? Strep 1: Block Sites at the Browser Level  Google Chrome add-on called Personal Blocklist that lets you to block and [...]

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How Can Hackers Help In The Fight Against Cancer?

When 1 in 3 humans are affected by a disease, it needs attention and help from all corners. There are many types of cancers, so it’s hard to say if we’ll ever be able to completely cure cancer. But prevention, early detection and proper care are crucial in cancer diagnosis and its treatment. As David [...]

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