Scientists Developing Device To Track The Brain Waves Of Stephen Hawking To Communicate

Stephen Hawking is testing out a groundbreaking device to allow him to communicate through brain waves in a project that scientists have likened to ‘hacking into his brain.’ Hawking, 70, has been working with scientists at Stanford University who are developing a the iBrain – a tool which picks up brain waves and communicates them [...]

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Two Planets Very Close, Never Before Seen, Taken By Kepler

Imagine crawling out of bed and seeing a gigantic red Mars instead of the Sun. That’s basically the situation for two newly discovered planets. Astronomers working with NASA’s Kepler Mission recently found them 1,200 light years away, and they’re 30 times closer than any pair of planets in our solar system. Actually, the scientists aren’t [...]

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Shelter Strategies For The Changing Planet

Climate change will drive people to urban areas, and smarter cities will be needed to shelter them In 2060, the world’s population will nine billion . Because of climate-change-induced environmental degradation, scientists project that tens of millions of people will move into today’s small and medium-size cities. To prepare for the influx, says Dennis Frenchman, [...]

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‘Double Star’ Constellations Are Only Visible In The Summer Night

Astronomers who scan the sky nightly with telescopes have found that about one-third of all the stars are double stars. In general, the two components appear to revolve around their common center of gravity, some very slowly, others rather rapidly. Many stars are multiple, some forming double-double stars or even more complex families. With summer [...]

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Microsoft Surface Pro tablet with Windows 8 will redefine the computing industry

Windows 8 represents a big change for Microsoft’s industry leading OS. It breaks from tradition by doing away with the long serving Start button and replacing it with a tile-based and touch-friendly Metro UI. While this move has widely polarized opinion, especially in the enterprise sector, it does represent a major trend across the industry, with mobile-tablet [...]

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