Buckingham Palace light show breaks world record

A series of striking illuminated animated mosaics projected onto Buckingham Palace has broken the Guinness World Record for the most artists working on an art installation. View all The installation combined online photo-sharing and photo mosaic software as well as some clearly rather powerful projection to throw striking mosaic animations onto the palace’s front facade; [...]

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Optrix adds wide-angle lens to iPhone action-cam case

Optrix has updated last year’s Optrix HD sport case for the iPhone and iPod Touch with a 175-degree wide-angle lens version that helps put more of the action into focus – the Optrix XD. View all Compatible with the iPhone 4, 4S and iPod Touch, the Optrix XD Sport features a polycarbonate shell and rubberized [...]

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Prezi:The 3D Alternative to PowerPoint

Prezi is having the biggest impact on business presentation tools since Microsoft’s PowerPointtook us from transparencies to computer monitors. The three-year-old company made a splash in 2009 with its Prezi software, and now the company has introduced a new version of its cloud-based software that has an even cooler feature set. Prezi’s original claim to [...]

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10 Ugly Buildings In The World

A recent opinion piece in the New York Times resurrected the age-old debate about whether ugly buildings deserved preservation if deemed historically important. While the staff and travelers at online travel advisers Trippy.com (www.trippy.com) may be undecided on that issue, they can certainly tell you which buildings they’d put on the list for consideration. Here [...]

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Learn C With Me Beginners C Tutorial

//w.a.p to take two numbers and performs addition,subtraction,multiplication,division. #include #include void main() { float a,b; clrscr(); printf(“enter 1st number”); scanf(“%f”,&a); printf(“enter 2nd number”); scanf(“%f”,&b); printf(“Result of Addition is %f”,a+b); printf(“\nResult of Subtraction is %f”,a-b); printf(“\nResult of Multiplication is %f”,a*b); printf(“\nResult of division is %f”,a/b); getch(); } //w.a.p to take Celious Temprature and convert to Feranhite [...]

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