Shadow Of A Single Atom Photograph Taken By Scientists

Sydney: Scientists have been able to click the shadow of a single atom for the very first time – an unprecedented feat crowning efforts lasting more than five years. “We have reached the extreme limit of microscopy; you cannot see anything smaller than an atom using visible light,” said Dave Kielpinski, professor at the Griffith University’s [...]

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Stephen Hawking Lost $100

Fireworks exploded throughout the physics community — just in time for the Fourth of July! — after this morning’s announcement of the Higgs boson discovery. But one renowned scientist says the historic finding lost him  a bet. Stephen Hawking, theoretical physicist and über-brain extraordinaire, says he threw down $100 on a wager (with fellow physics mucky-muck Gordon [...]

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CERN Research Centres’ Scientists Found God Partical

GENEVA (Reuters) – Scientists at Europe’s CERN research centre have found a new subatomic particle, a basic building block of the universe, which appears to be the boson imagined and named half a century ago by theoretical physicist Peter Higgs. “We have reached a milestone in our understanding of nature,” CERN director general Rolf Heuer [...]

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Microsoft announced Windows Phone 8 system update

Windows Phone 8 shares much of its code with the firm’s PC system, making it easier for developers to write programs for different types of devices. The company said it should indicate there would be various “amazing games” for handsets running its new release. A tie-up with Nokia has already brought some Windows Phone devices [...]

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Youngest computer expert in the World

Wasik Farhan-Roopkotha of Bangladesh, youngest computer expert in the world A six year old child Wasik Farhan-Roopkotha from Bangladesh with unbelievable talent has gained huge knowledge in one of the most popular programming languages C++ without anyone’s help or going to any teaching center. He has become a computer specialist without any proper training. He has gained [...]

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