How to see your google contacts on Google Map

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You can create online google map and view in the  Google earth,  postal addresses of your friends and otheres saved in  your Google Contacts  , The following steps describe how to do that

  1. Go to google Docs and make a copy of in your own Google Docs account.
  2. To go to make a copy please click the link Here
  3. To access your Google Contact go to  Google Contacts  menu and  choose Initialize then authorize Required->ok  .
  4. Then click the Generate KML in the Google Contacts  menu.
  5. A  KML file will sent to your email account.

Now go to your mail box and downlaod the KML file and save it.If you double-click the KML file it will directly open inside the Google Earth.Now you can read the name and address of  the contact using marker.

You can also  upload the KML file. Copy-paste the URL of the KML file into the Google Maps Search box to see map.

You can do the asme thing for othe contacts also (like  Yahoo Mail). To do that export the contacts data from your address book of yahoo or others  as a CSV file and import the file into Google Contacts.

Google’s Geocoding service permits to make 2,500 requests per IP per day.


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