Points to Domain Buying through Google Docs

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If you buy a domain through Google Docs, you will get email addresses which are personalized like [email protected] instead of [email protected] and you can setup a website on Google Sites without paying for web hosting. The domain will securely and privately register. No one can see your contact details in the public WHOIS database.

There are two options in Google Apps:

1)      Free edition                :                       You have to just pay for the domain name only.

2)      Business edition         :           You have to pay for the domain and the number of users.

Sign-up for Free Edition of Google Apps

In the Google Apps homepage there is no visible link where you find free addition. To go to sign-up for free edition click the secret link. The secret link is hidden under the “Pricing” section of the Google Apps website.

Country specific Domains are Cheaper at Google Apps

Buying country-specific domains like .in, .org even .cc are cheaper through Google Apps instead of buying the same directly through the registrar. Google offers the India specific .in domain for $8/year. GoDaddy charges $17/year for the same TLD. Indian registrars charge $10 approx for .in domains.

Current domain registration prices for different TLDs available in Google Apps are shown below in the chart.

           Country Specific Domains                Worldwide Domains
TLD Price ($/year) TLD Price ($/year)
.co.in $10 .name $10
.in, .net.in,.org.in $8 .net $10
.co $25 .info $12
mx $30 .tv $8
.be, .es, .pl $8 .biz $12
.cc $15 .com $12

Above Red marked domains extension is not available for free these are available in business edition.

GoDaddy.com or eNom.com is registering the global TLDs. Google also registrar the international domains via DomainDiscount24.com.

Example: How to buy the business addition domains through Google Apps for free .

If you are signing up for the free version and you want domain name that is available in the business edition only at Google Apps, you can go through the following way

Sign-up for the business edition->Click sign-up link->fill up the mandatory fields->after  register  the domain,  cancel your subscription.

For 30 days Google will not charge your credit. If you cancel during this period, your Business edition will  be downgraded to the Free edition of Google Apps.

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