How To Change Encrypted Passwords In Mysql

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Have you forgotten your password in mysql. No problem!

Many users and new programmers are facing the problem of password forgotten. If you know the way to recover the password then no problem and if you are able to do that then no problem . If you don’t know the problem then I will going to guide you the solution of this problem.If you are using mysql database.

Password encryption is the process of securing the password that no one can see and recognize the password in open eyes . Some time

plain text password are used instead of  encrypted password.Password encryption is the process of converting the plain password to user not readable format and the conversion of the encrypted  password to plain text is called the password decryption.

Suppose you want to login as a normal user or an administrator using Mysql database but your password is showing invalid or you have forgotten the password.

To recover the password follow the following steps

Step 1: Type  localhost in the browser or type localhost/xampp or wamp

Step 2: Go to phpmyadmin at the bottom of the left.

Step 3: You can see list of databases. Open the database which is connected with your project

Step 4: Browse the table user or admin user table (The table which contain contain the user information it may be normal user and admin user ).

Step 5 : Edit the row of which password should be change or look for the user name whose password have to change.

Step 6:  Edit the row and change the password

Step 7: Now Select MD5 from the function drop down menu showing left of the password field

Step 8 : Save the record by pressing go or save button.

Step 9 : Now login with the new password

Note: After changing the password you have to change its function to MD5 otherwise it will not take effect.


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