Windows 8 is ready and available for purchse

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Microsoft’s new operating system  Windows 8  is  ready and available  for your purchase. The  A to Z of  Windows 8 you have to know to operate the system smoothly are below:

Apps – Like the iOS App Store and  Google Play Store Microsoft has launched the  Windows Store where you can download applications for free and paid.

Bing –  We’ve completely reimagined search for Windows 8   , with apps for Bing Travel, Bing Search, Bing Weather, Bing News and Bing Maps. new Bing apps designed specifically for Travel, Weather, Maps, News, Finance and Sports.

Charms –  A “Charm Bar,” which contains  charms that can be swiped on from the right side of the screen can change that application’s settings.Share and search content from the application  to social networks , or send the content from application to the printer or device.

Desktop Mode – Same as the erlier Versions of Windows

Email Address –In frist time when you on your pc Windows 8 , asked to enter an email address to create a Microsoft account . The  Microsoft account will help you to , download applicationss from the Windows Store and sync settings between devices.

File Explorer –Windows explorer and file explorer are same. You can see  all the content on your desktop and pops up in Desktop Mode.


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