No One’s World

Overview   The world is on the cusp of a global turn. Between 1500 and 1800, the West sprinted ahead of other centers of power in Asia and the Middle East. Europe and the United States have dominated the world since. But today the West’s preeminence is slipping away as China, India, Brazil, and other [...]

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A NASA Scientist Answers the Top 20 Questions About 2012

PUBLIC CONCERN ABOUT DOOMSDAY IN December 2012 has blossomed into a major new presence on the Internet. This fear has begun to invade cable TV and Hollywood, and it is rapidly spreading internationally. The hoax originally concerned a return of the fictitious planet Nibiru in 2012, but it received a big boost when conspiracy theory [...]

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A Day In Romantic Venice

Venice is a dream destination for many and is deemed as one of the most romantic cities in the world. Words defy you as you look upon Venice. To say it is beautiful is an understatement. If I could pick up as many adjectives as I can get, I will say it is magical, romantic, [...]

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5 Best Beaches Between Mumbai And Goa In India

Sea fort views, fish thalis and of course some of the state’s best beaches — why fly straight to Goa when the coastal route has this much to offer? Most people love beaches. And most Mumbaikars will agree that there’s nothing like a trip to Goa to experience the state’s wonderful beaches. But the 550-kilometer [...]

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Major Solar flare erupts from giant sunspot

A strong solar storm is battering the Earth and could amplify the planet’s northern lights displays.The solar storm erupted from the giant sunspot AR1520 (Active Region 1520) which is actually a group of sunspots that at its peak may have stretched across 186,000 miles of the sun’s surface. The eruption sent a wave of charged [...]

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