Scientists Developing Device To Track The Brain Waves Of Stephen Hawking To Communicate

Stephen Hawking is testing out a groundbreaking device to allow him to communicate through brain waves in a project that scientists have likened to ‘hacking into his brain.’ Hawking, 70, has been working with scientists at Stanford University who are developing a the iBrain – a tool which picks up brain waves and communicates them [...]

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The Miracle of Green Tea

Is any other food or drink reported to have as many health benefits as green tea? The Chinese have known about the medicinal benefits of green tea since ancient times, using it to treat everything from headaches to depression. In her bookGreen Tea: The Natural Secret for a Healthier Life, Nadine Taylor states that green [...]

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Why We Should Follow Thakur Anukul Chandra

He was Sri Sri Thakur Anukulchandra, the advent, who descended through the mercy of providence due to the cry of existential crisis and served normally with his own urge as a man. He was a man, the holy man, the loving embodiment in the service of existential propitious bloom. He was the prophet, who imparted [...]

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List Of Latest Android Phones In India With Price

 There are more than 20 Android mobile models available below Rs. 10,000 in India.We have  listed  Android phones avialable in India with price and picture. The latest list is prepared in 9th July 2012 . The Android mobile phone prices are collected from  different stores. Latest price of Android mobiles in India only : Samsung [...]

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Two Planets Very Close, Never Before Seen, Taken By Kepler

Imagine crawling out of bed and seeing a gigantic red Mars instead of the Sun. That’s basically the situation for two newly discovered planets. Astronomers working with NASA’s Kepler Mission recently found them 1,200 light years away, and they’re 30 times closer than any pair of planets in our solar system. Actually, the scientists aren’t [...]

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