Microsoft Surface Pro tablet with Windows 8 will redefine the computing industry

Windows 8 represents a big change for Microsoft’s industry leading OS. It breaks from tradition by doing away with the long serving Start button and replacing it with a tile-based and touch-friendly Metro UI. While this move has widely polarized opinion, especially in the enterprise sector, it does represent a major trend across the industry, with mobile-tablet [...]

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Jquery Tutorial For The Beginners

Learn Jquery With Me : Create a Dirictory named as Easy Jquery Tutorial Download and keep jquery-1.4.2.js in your root directiory(In Easy Jquery Tutorial Folder) Open notepad and write the code and save as html:   Contents : 1) Display alert box on clicking link in Jquery 2) Click on the link to hide in Jquery [...]

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Sony Will Acquire Cloud Gaming Pioneer Gaikai

With no new gaming hardware unveiled, the reaction to the recent Electronic Entertainment Expo from gamers worldwide was one of disappointment. But perhaps a future in which gaming hardware is irrelevant is not far away. Sony’s announcement this week that it will acquire cloud gaming pioneer Gaikai is yet more evidence that the future of [...]

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Hollywood Theater Offering Memberships

The Hollywood Theater is launching a “membership program” offering discounts in exchange for anywhere from $45 to $1,000 a year. The $45 basic level provides $5 admission to films ($2 off regular price), a free refill on a small soda and popcorn, one free movie pass and discounts on special events. The $1,000 “Producer” level [...]

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Shadow Of A Single Atom Photograph Taken By Scientists

Sydney: Scientists have been able to click the shadow of a single atom for the very first time – an unprecedented feat crowning efforts lasting more than five years. “We have reached the extreme limit of microscopy; you cannot see anything smaller than an atom using visible light,” said Dave Kielpinski, professor at the Griffith University’s [...]

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