‘End Date’ Of World Indicates 1,300 Year Old Maya Text

1,300 year-old Maya text Have been discovered by the Archaeologists.The Text  provides only the second known reference to the so-called “end date” of the Maya calendar, December 21, 2012.  Maya text discovered while working at the site of La Corona in Guatemala is one of the most significant hieroglyphic finds in decades and it was announced at the National Palace [...]

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Beginners Easy Steps of Css Menu Design:

There are lot of tutorial for menu design in web but all are so complex. After searching for the appropriate tutorial of Css Menu design for beginners I started myself to write Css Menu design for beginners. On a web page, the navigation can be taken as a table of content. In HTML, table of [...]

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Ways to Speed Up MySQL

Only SELECT the fields you require All to often web developers will SELECT * which selects all fields for a record. However, you’d be surprised how much of a strain SELECT * can cause when running a query, especially on larger tables. So, instead of selecting absolutely everything, just select the fields you need. it [...]

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Benifits Of Banana

Banana is very much a staple fruit of India. One of the great things about bananas is that it is not only delicious but is also cheap and available throughout the year unlike the other fruits. Banana is a fruit which is still very casually consumed for its taste, texture and a feeling of fullness [...]

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The all utsav of Satsang Deoghor 2012

ANNOUNCEMENTS OF  UTSAB  FROM SATSANG -DEOGHAR FOR 2012 6th May, 2012, Sunday [ Wed 29/02/2012 ] 6th May, 2012, Sunday – 41st Tirodhan Tithi of Sree Sree Baramaa (Havishyanna) ————— 9th May, 2012, Wednesday [ Wed 29/02/2012 ] 9th May, 2012, Wednesday - 41st Tirodhan Divas of Sree Sree Baramaa ————— 27th May, 2012, Sunday [ Wed 29/02/2012 ] 27th May, 2012, [...]

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