Who Is Thakur Anukul Chandra?

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Thakur, Anukul Chandra Chakravarty came in this earth to teach human beings, how to being and becoming. His father was Shiv Chandra Chakravarty and mother was Manmohini Devi. He was born in a Hamlet called Himaitpur , in Pabna district of Bangladesh, erstwhile East Bengal in pre-independent India. He was born on14th September 1888 and passed away on 27th January 1969. His was a life of intense activities in material, social and spiritual realm. He lived a life that can be called more of a public life than a life of individual attainment and glory.
He lived in society, with family and friends. He had experienced all the worries and anxieties of a human life in struggle. Human feelings and emotions were all there with him for every body to share. He was a father of three sons and a daughter. Being elder son of a poor Indian family, he had his family burden to carry from an early age for his widowed mother, two younger brothers and a sister. He was husband of two wives and father of three sons and a daughter. He was victim of all kinds of social, economic, political, ethnic and communal upheaval that his time passed through.

He had all the physical and psychological symptoms of a normal human being, may be at a refined and intense level. He expressed his feelings and emotions, just like any other human being, may be in more intimate way than most of us would do. There was nothing strange in him, which would have put him at a distance from ordinary human being. There was of course something great in his personality, which distinguished him from others. But all these were on a human plane, within the reach of human touch. Amidst all the aura of divinity that surrounded him, the man in him was very much there for every body to feel.
When some one came, he would receive him in the most cordial and native style. He would speak a common man’s language. He lived in a very simple and natural ambient. His dress was just minimum and yet quite decent. He followed all the trait of the culture and tradition in which he was born and brought up. He subjected himself to the laws of the land. When he became old and physically weak, he passed through all the ordeals of illness, seclusion of old age and defiance of younger generation. He subjected himself to the prescriptions of doctors, he availed the helping required for him to survive the old age. He wailed in pain and prayed for recovery. He longed for a healthy and prolonged life, but just like any human being he breathed his last leaving every thing around.

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