Track Progress of your Goals with Timescales and Scheduling

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Setting up the goals require a planning towards it and the planning involves achieving the goals. Until now it was paper work for designing a work project but did ever though of making it digital? The GoalScape software makes it possible for you.

The GoalScape is the best way to keep a look on your projects with simple get started guide which doesn’t even require any training.

The GoalScape can be used to define goals and plan activities when you are on to a project work and campaigns. With this software you can handle multiple goals whether it’s your official or personal goals. It provides you an intrusive way to set, define and work on the goals to reach them. You can make your complex project easy to understand with the overall structure, relative importance and progress tracking. You can easily breakdown you manageable task into various parts and challenge which are with time frame and file upload support, progress tracking, importance among the other goals, adding the responsible person, adding tags, adding notes, adding the start date and end date with this software.

The GoalScape drawing can be used on blogs or on the sites to show up the one’s work and plan. It looks like this -

The following are the features of using GoalScape –

Relative Importance – Set the relative importance visually and resizes sub goals by dragging their borders and all the neighbors resize automatically.
Relative Progress Tracking – Record your progress and watch it advancement. It automatically reflects the aggregate progress in all sub goals upwards into their parent.
TimeScales and Scheduling – Goalscape automatically check all the timescales for all the goals and sub goals which are in their parent start and end time.
Common Hotkeys – It provides you with keyboard shortcuts. The + is to open a new blank goals and use the tab button to switch between the goals.
Color Code for Goalscape – You can now apply colored borders to individual goals, sub goals areas and entire sector.
Search Function – You can easily find the text in responsibility, goal name, notes text and attachment file names.
Language Support – You can select different languages from English to German to French.
Save, Print and Export Reports – Export a snapshot of goal maps which is ideal for inclusion in presentations, web pages and other external documents.

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