Important firefox plugins that every web designer must have

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9 important firefox plugins that every web designer must have


Font Finder
A useful extension with which you can identify the type/ size of font used in selected text. It also gives the color, font size, font family, line height, letter spacing and much more….

Fire FTP
A simple, perfect, secure brower based ftp client that every web designer should have.

IE Tabhttp:
Internet Explorer is also one of the famous browsers and still there are 30 % of the world using Internet Explorer for there daily browsing. You need to keep all rowsers in mind while desinging a website. IE Tab is an extension it can exactly gives the funtionality of internet explorer in firefox. If you want to test your site in Internet explorer there is no need to open Intenet Explorer just open IE tab in firefox

Browser window resizer

Browser window resizer a useful plugin in which you can test you site in various resolution without change the resolution of you r system

Measure it
While designing alignment of images/text is a challenging job, in this context measure it comes into picture. you can overlay a ruler and check the dimensions of your required area easily.

FireShot is an advanced screen capture add-on for Firefox. In addition to giving you the ability to capture an entire web page, FireShot also allows you to add add graphics and notes directly to your screen captures.

A very useful plugin one should have. you can find out color used in any part of the web page. It automatically copies the color in differt formats like RGB, HEX etc.

This is the most important plugin. you can debug javascipt, change HTML propeties , inspect elements. find the properties, debug, inspect CSS, DOM features and a lot.

Lorel ipsum generator.
It generates dummy text instantly.

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