Enable Automatic Hibernation In Your Computer

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To put your computer into hibernation you must logged in as an administrator to perform this hibernation procedure.

If your PC  is connected to a lan, network policy settings may create problem to complete the hibernation task.

The steps to do hibernation are below

Step 1:Go to Control Panel and double click on power option.

Step 2:  Click on the Hibernate tab.

Step 3: Check the  Enable hibernate support check box.

Step 4:   Click Apply.

If the Hibernate tab is not showing it means  your PC does not support this feature.

Step 1:  Click the APM tab.

Step 2: Click Enable Advanced Power Management support,

Step 3: Click Apply.

The APM tab is not available on ACPI-compliant computers. ACPI automatically enables the  Advanced Power Management,

which disables the APM tab.

Now to set hibernation time period

Step 1 :Click the Power Schemes tab.

Step 2: Select a time period from System hibernates select box.


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