How To Cope With Anxiety?

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Are you stressed out? Not Feeling Well ? Try these steps to deal with anxiety.

Living is stressful, when you have to run here and there  to meet all  needs, save up for a secure future and fulfill family responsibilities. And with stress comes anxiety, which effects  your physical and mental health. The following steps will help you cope  with anxiety and, with time, prevent it from getting worse.

1. Proper Diet: In the hustle-bustle of life, a proper sit-down meal is often neglected. When it comes to sound mental and psychological health, having the right kind of food will help keep mental anguishes at bay. A diet rich in magnesium and potassium is proven to stabilise hormonal levels and normalise anxiety. You must avoid caffeine and nicotine since they trigger anxiety rushes in the body.


2. Sleep Well: Your sleeping pattern suffers when you pay more attention to your professional life than your personal one. This, in turn, fails to provide the brain with adequate amounts of rest and thus causes stress. You should try and get at least 6 hours of sleep every day. Have dinner 3 hours before your assigned time to go to bed, and skip watching television before going to bed. Sleeping in a dark bedroom with no distractions will help you fall asleep easily. Sleeping well will let the mind and body heal and you can hope to enjoy better health.

3. Talk to People:
Often talking about your feelings helps more than any other method. Seek a sympathetic listener and talk to them about your problems. Seek advice on how to overcome them. Having someone to listen to you will automatically release your pent-up anxiety. You will feel much lighter and refreshed afterwards.

4. Exercise:
Proper exercise often helps reduce stress levels. Since exercise improves blood circulation to the brain, you tend to feel less anxious at the end of the day. If, however, you do not feel like working out, you can choose to meditate as well. Meditation helps in calming your mind and refocusing attention to your outlook toward life. Practicing yoga also aids in mental health and does away with anxious thoughts. 5. Pamper Yourself: Often splurging on an expensive buy, or gorging on your favourite food help in reducing anxiety instantly. Go to a spa and let a good hot-oil massage invigorate you. Visit the mall and buy that jacket you have been coveting. Filling up the mind with positive and happy thoughts will reduce anxiety and keep you feeling normal all day.

6. Think Positive: Having low self esteem is often the reason behind stress and anxiety. Negative thoughts trigger depression. Thinking positively, on the other hand, keeps one hopeful and expectant. Anxiety mostly arises from the dread of not meeting up to certain expectations. Getting rid of the dread and feeling confident will do wonders. This will help in keeping the negative thoughts away and lower your anxiety levels.

Anxiety is a product of pent-up stress and depression. Being unable to find an outlet for release can make this problem worse. However, by following these steps you can find ways to cope with it successfully. If these measures fail to help, seek the aid of a professional immediately.


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