3D movies cause motion sickness

July 13th, 2012 | No Comments | Posted in General
Watching movies in 3D can lead to visual symptoms and even motion sickness, a new study has revealed. According to the study, symptoms related to 3D viewing are affected by where one sits while watching, and even how old one is.

“Younger viewers incurred higher immersion but also greater visual and motion sickness symptoms in 3D viewing,” authors, led by Shun-nan Yang, PhD, of Pacific University College of Optometry, Oregon, said. “Both problems will be reduced if a farther distance and a wider viewing angle are adopted.”

The researchers performed experiments in which adults, from young adult to middle-aged , were invited to watch a movie in 2D or 3D while sitting at different angles and distances. Visual and other symptoms were assessed including the role of factors including age, seating position, and level of ‘immersion’ in the movie.

Twenty-one per cent of participants reported symptoms while watching the movie in 3D, compared to twelve per cent with 2D viewing.

For younger study participants, blurred vision, double vision, dizziness , disorientation, and nausea were more frequent and severe when watching the movie in 3D. Vision and orientation symptoms related to 3D viewing may be related to a ‘mismatch’ between focusing and converging the eyes.

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