100,000 Chinese Smartphones Infected By New Android malware

A new piece of malware has been discovered on more than 100,000 Android smartphones in China. It generates revenue by silently downloading paid apps and multimedia content from Mobile Market, an Android app store hosted by China Mobile, one of the largest wireless providers in the world. TrustGo, which first discovered the malware, is calling [...]

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Apple Will Introduce New iPad To Hit China On Friday, July 20

Apple will introduce its latest iPad tablet next Friday in China–its second-largest market behind the United States. In a press release Tuesday, Cupertino did not give a reason for the slow release for the device, which has already rolled out in many countries in the region such as Singapore and Malaysia. “In China the new [...]

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3D movies cause motion sickness

Watching movies in 3D can lead to visual symptoms and even motion sickness, a new study has revealed. According to the study, symptoms related to 3D viewing are affected by where one sits while watching, and even how old one is. “Younger viewers incurred higher immersion but also greater visual and motion sickness symptoms in [...]

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List of Indian Historic Temples

Akshardham Temple Bahai Temple Baijnath Temple Birla Mandir Temple Cave Temple Chattarpur Temple Dwarkadhish Temple Dwarka Temple Eklingi Temple Golden Temple Guruvayoor Temple Iskcon Temple Jagannath Temple Jwalamukhi Temple Kailash Temple Kapaleeswarar Temple Kashi Vishwanath Temple   Khajuraho Temple Konarak Temple Lepakshi Temple Lingaraja Temple Meenakshi Temple Mukteswara Temple Naina Devi Temple Omkareshwar Temple Sabarimala Temple [...]

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Howard Hillman’s 100 Wonders Of The World

 1  Pyramids of Egypt   2  Great Wall of China   3  Taj Mahal   4  Serengeti Migration   5  Galapagos Islands   6  Grand Canyon   7  Machu Picchu   8  Antarctica Cruise   9  Iguazu Falls 10  Bali 11  Amazon Rainforest 12  Ngorongoro Crater 13  Great Barrier Reef 14  Angkor Wat 15  Victoria Falls 16  Forbidden City 17  Bagan 18  Karnak 19  Teotihuacan 20  Banaue Rice Terraces 21  Bora Bora 22  Acropolis 23  Potala Palace 24  Jerusalem Old City 25  TerraCotta Warriors 26  Chichen Itza 27  Petra 28  Nile [...]

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