Top 15 healthiest fruits with high calories and low fat

This is my top 15 fruits I have in mind when this is happening: Apples – 1 medium apple (80 calories, 0 g fat): An apple’s 3 g of fiber help you meet your fiber goal of 20 g to 30 g daily. High-fiber diets can lower heart disease risk; Apricots – 3 apricots (51 calories, 0 g fat): A good [...]

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The Mayan Mysteries And End Of World In 21 December 2012

The Mind of James Donahue One of the great mysteries of modern times is the Dresden Codex, one of the few surviving books from the ancient Mayancivilization that existed in Central and South America. This book, decoded by a German scholar in 1880, opened a door to discovery of the brilliant minds of the Mayans. The Codex [...]

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Is There Any Science Behind 2012 Prophecies?

Curious about the gloom and doom 2012 prophecies? Scientist Gregg Braden, the best-selling author of “Fractal Time,” puts it into real-time perspective. Did you know that the Earth is presently moving across the equator of the Milky Way? When we talk about the changes that are coming up in 2012, some of those visible Earthchanges are apparently in response to [...]

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The World Will Not End In December 21, 2012

This myth is nothing but to promote a movie.   The Mayans were terrific architects, and they watched the planets carefully. They did not, however, predict the end of the world. Wikipedia image Photo by Wikipedia The myth that the world will end in December 2012 started with claims that Nibiru, a supposed planet discovered [...]

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‘End Date’ Of World Indicates 1,300 Year Old Maya Text

1,300 year-old Maya text Have been discovered by the Archaeologists.The Text  provides only the second known reference to the so-called “end date” of the Maya calendar, December 21, 2012.  Maya text discovered while working at the site of La Corona in Guatemala is one of the most significant hieroglyphic finds in decades and it was announced at the National Palace [...]

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